9/27 Garden day -Jack Allen

On the hoop house garden day we added plants to the garden. I was in the seed group and we got watermelon radishes. We divided them equally and then got to work. First I got a ruler and sawed it into the soil. next I took the seeds and put them down into the soil. After that I lightly sprinkled the soil on the seeds. then I put my gloves and ruler back and I was done. I learned that seeds have a lot of needs like being distant from each other and how deep they are in the ground. I enjoyed the thought of knowing that the seeds were going to be bigger and edible. I thought I participated well by doing my job. I am not sure I would have done anything differently. I wonder how the plants survive in the cold? What are the bacteria that do not benefit the plant? Is there a parasitic relationship with a bug and a plant? I can’t wait to eat them

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