One day in science we made spore prints. To make the spore prints we needed to get a mushroom. Shane handed us a knife to cut the mushroom and we set off. First, I went into the woods to look for a mushroom. I found a mushroom  but I also found blue lichen.  The blue lichen fascinated me so much that I decided to look for more mushrooms. I found Mosie and he said that he had discovered a gray mushroom! Amazed, I went into the woods to find the gray mushrooms. Then I found an orange mushroom and a gigantic mushroom. I gave Shane my mushrooms and she took the stems off each one and put them on a piece of paper. The project was satisfying. I found all these great mushrooms. I think I participated well in this project. I do not think I would have done anything differently. I wonder if some mushrooms can eat bugs? I wonder what is the deadliest mushroom? I wonder what the biggest mushroom is?

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  1. Good questions! I too wonder what the biggest mushroom is. I don’t know if there are any carnivorous mushrooms:) We should look it up!

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