Ecological Succession

This week in science we learned about ecological succession. Ecological succession is about how an ecosystem evolves through time. First, the pioneer species comes, creating soil by breaking down rocks. This is known as primary succession, the first stage of ecological succession. The Ecosystem continues expand until a natural disaster occurs or humans interfere destroying the Ecosystem. At this point secondary succession takes place. Secondary succession is when species return, but this time the pioneer species doesn’t have to break down rock, because the soil is already there!

It was satisfying to learn how lichen and moss spent endless time breaking down rocks. Endless care and effort for 1,000 years. I think i participated well. I do not think i would have done anything differently. if climate change had not happened, what would be the biggest tree ever? Did trees once grow underwater? If so how would they get there nutrition’s? How many rocks do lichen break down a day?     








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