Today I read an article on Sun Bears. It talked about how sun bears are omnivorous. There diet consists of leaves, lizards , berries, and insects. But what surprised me most was the fact that they use their claw to rip open bee hives to suck out the honey- they don’t even get bothered by bee stings. A main point in the article was that cultures still poach sun bears and now they are a vulnerable. Another factor is that many cultures still eat sun bears which is not good.


I choose this article because I didn’t even know what sun bears were up until now and i thought it would be fun to learn about it. It is important to society because it will make people think before they eat, think before they hunt, and think before they destroy. Poaching is controversial and it is important for society to hear it.

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  1. Dear Jack,

    I love your post about sun bears, so cool! They’re so pretty and look so interesting with the sun crest. My question is, do sun bears migrate or do they stay in the same place? When I read about sun bears, I found that they were given a Mayan name basindo nan tenggil, which means β€˜β€™he who likes to sit high.’’ I thought it was really cool. I am interested in how you made the post so entertaining and have so many cool facts. I can’t wait for the next!


  2. Great post Jack. Where are sun bears located? Are there steps to protect them? I don’t understand eating bears but a lot of people in Michigan do.

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