Humboldt Penguin

These penguins are adorable, but don’t let their looks deceive you, they are also natural born survivors. They can swim up to 30 miles an hour! Not only that but Humboldt penguins can also dive up to 500 feet below sea level when searching for a tasty snack such as shrimp, fish and squids. Even animals need a break, especially when they have predators. They take a nap on the rocky shore. With their webbed feet and sharp claws they do great on these rocky cliff sides.


It was satisfying to know that I have more knowledge than I did before. I participated well in this project. I would have not waited to the last minute to do this project. I wonder how evolution developed the way the penguin is today? I wonder what penguins were like before humans arrived? i wonder why penguins don’t live in other biomes just with different adaptations.

One thought on “Humboldt Penguin

  1. Penguins live in a lot of weird places. I used to think only in the antarctic but they live in other places. They really can swim fast! Evoluiton helped to develop this trait. I wonder why they are called Humboldt?

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