9/27 Garden day -Jack Allen

On the hoop house garden day we added plants to the garden. I was in the seed group and we got watermelon radishes. We divided them equally and then got to work. First I got a ruler and sawed it into the soil. next I took the seeds and put them down into the soil. After that I lightly sprinkled the soil on the seeds. then I put my gloves and ruler back and I was done. I learned that seeds have a lot of needs like being distant from each other and how deep they are in the ground. I enjoyed the thought of knowing that the seeds were going to be bigger and edible. I thought I participated well by doing my job. I am not sure I would have done anything differently. I wonder how the plants survive in the cold? What are the bacteria that do not benefit the plant? Is there a parasitic relationship with a bug and a plant? I can’t wait to eat them

9/13 Owl Letter

Crested Owl - eBirdDear Ms. Cuttatree,

I’m a Lophostrix Cristata but you can just call me Crested Owl. I live in the forest that you’re going to cut down for the Uppity inn. Those trees are my home. I even have a cozy nook in a tree that is just right for my height (38 to 43cm) and weight (425 to 620 grams). Hundreds of tiny creatures live in those woods and many of them eat the food from the woods. I personally have a diet of insects and small vertebrates. I also love to spread out my (89 to 102 cm) wings and fly. Did you know that the normal amount of eggs in a clutch is 1-13. So imagine how much owls are living in those woods. If a big owl tried to cut down your home how would you feel?  In the end I hope you have learned a thing or two about how important the forest is.


Crested Owl